Louth Meditation Class Details

Grimsby class

2013: Unfortunately no classes are planned as yet for this year.

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Breathing Meditation

The classes begin with a breathing meditation. This simple but effective technique calms the mind from distraction and tension, giving rise to a feeling of inner peace and wellbeing which helps us to cope with the busyness and difficulties of daily life.

    and Inspiration

In addition, Buddha's teachings show how to transform our daily experiences so that we can be positive, strong and happy in every situation.

Ruth, from the Khedrubje Buddhist Centre, leads the classes in Louth.

Louth teacher

Spring term 2013: Unfortunately no classes are planned as yet for this term.

The classes conclude with a second meditation, discussion, question and answer session and refreshments

Everyone is welcome. The classes are suitable for all, regardless of background or previous experience. During the classes we use chairs, but if you like you can bring your own seat or cushion. You do not need to wear special clothes to meditate.

Each class is self-contained so you can attend any class you choose and you do not need to book in advance

Facility fee will be: £5
No-one is ever turned away for lack of funds.