Our Wish

Happy student

There have been weekly meditation classes in Grimsby for many years. Whilst this class is beneficial it is limited in the study programmes and courses it can offer. The members of this group would like to establish a residential centre in this area providing the foundation for a Buddhist community. There are many benefits a residential centre can offer:

  1. In-depth Buddhist study programmes
  2. A chance to study, discuss, and meditate with others
  3. More classes held in local towns in N E Lincolnshire
  4. More introductory classes to meditation
  5. Day-time meditation classes
  6. Day courses
  7. Retreats
  8. A Buddhist community
  9. A harmonious environment where people can come and relax.

How to Help

If you would like to assist us in establishing a residential Buddhist Centre in Grimsby & Cleethorpes there are many ways to help including:

If you can help in any of these ways please contact: ed@meditateingrimsby.com